Snapshot from February 2015

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Jürgen Nickelsen <>

IT/software/systems/Unix/networking professional. Ever curious. Lover of music, language, photography, books, good food and drink. Communicates for fun. Lives in Berlin (Germany).

If you want to send me a confidential message, contact me first via e-mail to get my X.509 certificate. You can also IM me over Threema using the above e-mail address or ZZ2JK2ZM. (I have ceased using gpg, as apparently I cannot cope with its UI and complexity.)

Be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others. [RFC 761]

I have on more than one occasion longed for a different way of making a living, a hope that I understand now is entirely in vain, as it is my only marketable ability. [Tim Lott]