Snapshot from February 2015

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Jürgen Nickelsen <>1

IT/software/systems/Unix/networking professional. Ever curious. Lover of music, language, photography, books, good food and drink. Communicates for fun. Lives in Berlin (Germany).

If you want to send me a confidential message, contact me first via e-mail to get my X.509 certificate. You can also IM me over Threema using the above e-mail address or ZZ2JK2ZM (changed 2013-11-03). (I have ceased using gpg, as apparently I cannot cope with its UI and complexity.)

  1. The e-mail address <> is defunct; I do not own that domain any more. It is currently in use by someone else, and mail sent to addresses in that domain has been blackholed in cases. So, if you sent mail to that address and it didn't bounce, that is no indication that the address is still valid.

Be conservative in what you do, be liberal in what you accept from others. [RFC 761]

I have on more than one occasion longed for a different way of making a living, a hope that I understand now is entirely in vain, as it is my only marketable ability. [Tim Lott]