Socket program version 1.2


On August 6 1999 I made the interim release 1.2 of the Socket(1) program.

Socket(1) implements an interface to TCP sockets at shell level. Client and server sockets can be used from shell scripts or interactively. Socket can also run a program with stdin, stdout, and stderr connected to the socket connection. A number of sample shell scripts are included. Socket-1.2 runs on Linux (RH 5.2 with 2.2.2 kernel), Solaris (2.6 and 7), and FreeBSD (2.2.7, 3.2). It should be easy to port to similar platforms.

This version has not been tested very thoroughly. If you encounter any problems, get back to me and use version 1.1 until the bug is fixed.


Socket version 1.2 is the successor of the widespread 1.1 version from September 1992. The changes are few:


Socket 1.2 is tested on much less platforms than 1.1, just because I don't have access to all these machines that I had in my university days. I would love to hear of successes and difficulties installing or porting it to other platforms.

If you have difficulties installing Socket 1.2 on your platform and don't feel like trying to port it, try version 1.1 instead. It might make a difference (see here for version 1.1). It is available from the same source as 1.1 (see below).


Socket version 1.2 is as source code freely available under a BSD-style license. you can download it from (Thanks, Vera!).


I began working on Socket version 2 earlier this year. I won't make any promises when it will be ready, but when it is, it will also be released under a BSD-like license and will have the following features: In the works are a super-generic option handling system and a select loop that should be usable in most other event-driven programs as well. After all, the license means you can actually use it!

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